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A Typical Project

Projects often take on a life of their own, yet the process below works well for our clients.


A typical project starts off with a discussion of what you want.

Then we review your internet presence, check out your competition and outline steps to success.

When we are in sync about the goals, we provide an explanation of what we will do, how much it will cost and arrange payment(s).

Design the Total Project

Now we want to explore the entire project: the design, the functionality and the pages.

We'll provide a description, working demo or a sketch of the page layout, content and functions like slideshows and media.

We identify any third party accounts needed, for example domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, social media accounts and more.

The more credible your identity is the better, so we will ask you about credentials for your home page such as industry associations, Chamber of Commerce and BBB membership and others.

Clients usually provide basic info and content, for example photos, logo, contact information, mission statement, description of products or services and so on.  When we have received this information we schedule a begin date and completion date. (We will also make logos, take photos, do identity branding and help you assemble this basic info.)

Hands On Development

Now we shift gears and develop the design. We begin coding using the platform that makes best sense for your needs.  Organic search engine optimization is included.  Social media is incorporated now. You can often watch the project take shape from your browser. 

When you like the site we publish it, provide training and turn over important information. Then we provide internet marketing, PPC marketing and online advertisements at your option. 

Manage and Review

At your option we manage updates and review your site.  We will periodically review analytics at your option.


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