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We Fix Hacked WordPress

Is your WordPress hacked?  or pfished?  or flagged for malware?

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WordPress Hacked or Pfished

Having your blog hacked or pfished happens because WordPress and most Content Management Systems have security vulnerabilities.  WordPress is open source software and security issues become public news which is then used by the d@mn hackers against us.  We will restore from backup (if it exists), verify each file, scan the data base for corruption and do a fresh install.  We will then check each plugin is compatible with the latest Word Press release.  And we will tune-up your site including strengthened security and scheduled backups.

Some ways your site can be compromised:

  • Login stolen from wi-fi, smart phone or from using a public computer (like a public library)
  • From a virus on your pc
  • While installing a theme which is corrupt
  • While installing a plugin which is corrupt
  • And, a hacked WordPress site at your host can infect your site and others


Google will flag sites for malware when there is a risk to the public viewing the website.  Google explains the cause for the malware flag and identifies the culprit.  We correct the problem and notify google to remove the flag.


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