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Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of search engine optimization and website marketing is to attract meaningful visits to your website.  Then the page design determines how much of your message will be seen in the first 2-5 seconds. 

Over the years we have established a pattern that results in good search engine placement.  Seeing clients climb in google is one metric.  Feedback from clients winning more sales is another.   Being seen online is a science, an art, staying current, using the right tools and some good habits.  Guidelines for SEO are found all over the internet.  Google even publishes guidelines for proper SEO.  Yet it is left out of many websites. 

There are no ongoing monthly fees with our organic SEO service.

Website Optimization Outline

  • Audit of your website and top 3 competitors
  • Keyword research and development
  • Locate the valuable backlinks your competitors are using
  • Strategic links to your site
  • Use a design better than the competition
  • Tune the website to include quality code and absence of common mistakes
  • Optimize the content
  • Website submission to search engines
  • Google Analytics setup and training

The Value of Good SEO

We know our approach works - a commercial client in a competitive furniture industry was #1 on page 1 in google year after year.  They decided to take over their website to save on webmaster fees and occasional product line updates.  Despite extensive training and written instructions on how to manage their site an inhouse website makeover followed because they "didn't understand HTML".  They did a sloppy job using a hosted template site and ignored website optimization.  Their google page ranking is now off the radar in less than a year.  We feel disappointed.  They wished to save an estimated $500 a year to promote products nationwide that sell for many thousands a unit.

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