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Website Audio & Video Media Players

Adding media to your website is an opportunity to present your site as credible and effectively communicate your message.  An audio introduction to your site can be listened to while a viewer browses your page.  Also, the viewer doesn't have to read to get your message. 

A video pulls attention to a specific location on the screen, and the surrounding content with a brief, succint message will identify what your site is about, even if the guest doesn't watch the entire video.

Website media players we recommend are:

  • YouTube - social media video player
  • Wimpy Website Audio and Video - we install and make custom skins
    • Rave - top audio and video player
    • Wimpy MP3 - jukebox for many tracks
    • Wimpy Button - play a single audio file
    • WASP - play a single audio or video file
    • Pickle - HTML5 media player
  • Longtailvideo - excellent video player with many addons
  • Flabell - single MP3 and CD discography player
  • Flowplayer - open source video player

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